seo-keywords-accommodation-thumbThe first step to successfully promoting your web site to the search engines is to create a list of keywords and phrases to target. Inevitably a lot of the claims revolve around the SEO companies' choice of keywords/phrases and they are usually quite obscure! If you choose the wrong keywords, all your efforts will be in vain! For example, if your site appears at the top of the search results for a keyword that few people actually search for, then what good is that top ranking?

However, if you choose keywords that are too competitive, you may find it very difficult and time-consuming to achieve a top ranking. Therefore, it's important you target the most popular but least competitive keywords you can find. This is called the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

Lastly, the keywords you choose must be highly relevant to the products and services that your business offers. So, put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customer. Ask yourself what they would type into a search engine to locate what you have to offer. Sound like a massive task of 'hit and miss' guessing? Don't worry, 3cellhosting Keywords Report will help you brainstorm ideas and create a great list of keywords. The great thing about these reports is that they are based on 350 million search entries that were actually entered into the top 16 search engines, including Google. One great advantage is that we even show you how often the words are likely to be entered, and that includes the words that were mis-spelt.

Consider the hourly cost of your time to try and ascertain the best keywords for your site and then compare that to our comprehensive report, which costs just £35. We think you will agree that our report is value for money.

The report will include the following...

  • Upto 300 Lateral Search and Related Terms
  • Upto 500 Keywords per Search
  • Upto 5,000 Keywords in your report
  • Mis-spellings
  • 16 Search Engines (includes Google)
All results for Keyword Searches will be emailed to customers, enabling simple transfer of keywords to your web site.

The example of our Keyword Report* based on a single keyword - accommodation.

If we look at the first keyword shown it is "vermont bolton valley ski area accomodation" and shows a KEI rating of 23104. The higher the rating, the better the keyword as it has less competition. The next column, Count, shows how many times the search term has been entered in the past 160 days. This is followed by 24hrs, which a calculation of predicted searches in 24 hours based on the previous column and when the searches were entered. The final column shows how many other websites are targeting that keyword.

In this instance it looks like there is a popular event happening in the area and people are looking for accommodation. The last column shows that there are no competitors according to Google and when we checked the search term in Google we got the following result...


This provides a fantastic opportunity for any business in the hospitality trade, hotels, B&B, hostels etc.

If you look at the other keywords you will notice that many people forget that 'accommodation' has two 'm's as well as two 'c's. This gives an opportunity to catch extra visitors as the correctly spelled keyword has 116 million wbe sites with that keyword, compared to the 12.5 million sites with the incorrectly spelt keyword. The mis-spelling is predicted to be entered 100 times per day, these are all potential customers.

* The report shown is a shortened version containing just 50 keyword results from Google

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