Contrary to the many claims that exist about guaranteeing to get web sites ranked number one on Google, this is a task that nobody (other than Google) can guarantee.

There are some basic points that are essential to achieving and maintaining a good ranking with the search engines.

  • Effective and appropriate keywords
  • Relevant and meaningful content for that page
  • Correct use of HTML markup code
  • Incoming links from suitable sites

If you consider that the search engines are similar to a good recipe book you will start to understand the need for commitment to get good rankings. In a recipe book most of us will go to the index to find the correct page for the food we wish to cook. The index is often laid out to include common meal titles e.g. Irish Stew, Chicken Curry etc. To make the index more useful there will be entries based on ingredients e.g. Main heading is Lamb with sub headings of 'leg of...', 'minced', Shepherd's Pie, chops etc.

A good index is invaluable when trying to find information in a reference book and the Internet is no different. If you have a small web site then indexing will be quite a small task compared to the site with 4,000 articles!

We can provide you with reports that will show how your pages rank against all of the main elements regarding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You can then work on your site using our reports or we can also offer great rates for ongoing amendments and editing if you are too busy. Contact us to find out more about Search Engine Optimisation for your site.

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