Need a website? You are in luck! A 5 page Joomla website with domain name, hosting, template, and content added (text and images provided by client) all for just £297.

The 2021 Offer for a new website

That's right, for just £297 you can have your own Joomla based website.

This includes the following items...

  • Domain name (either .com or if available)*
  • Annual hosting (1Gb storage and 3Gb bandwidth)*
  • Installation and configuration of Joomla
  • Selection and base customisation of template
  • WYSIWYG Editor* [Optional]
  • Automated/Manual Backup software* [Optional]
  • Built in firewall for website* [Optional]
  • RS Forms Pro* [Optional]

All items marked with * have an annual fee associated with them. Domain £9, Hosting £38, Editor £5, Backup £10, Firewall £10, RS Forms Pro £10 making a total ongoing cost of £82 a year.

The items marked [Optional] can be excluded but we strongly recommend you include them as they help to keep your site secure.

Content of 5 pages

This is quite often broken down as Home, About Us, News, FAQs and Contact Us.

Should you require extra pages then please let us know and we will quote for the extra work.

All clients are responsible to keep their sites updated to latest version of Joomla and associated extensions.


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